8Eyez Takeover at #GameChangers2016

8Eyez Takeover at #GameChangers2016

The winning team blessed the event
Once again the team shut the whole building down with show stopping performers breaking it down with their one of a kind dance moves and Ebony blessed the crowd with her angelic voice! The event was a complete success as 8Eyez successfully won the crowd with their extremely talented performers.

The team made sure to interact and network with the audience give them a little taster of what is coming. The audience was stunned by the enthusiasm and passion that was shown by the CEO and the performers. The crowd got a deeper understanding of what the movement is and what it aims to present to a larger audience in the future. Once again the sun was shining the drinks were flowing, music was loud and 8Eyez remained popping!

8Eyez brought a special touch to the event as the CEO made sure to catch the smiles of the audience holding the special 8Eyez banner. Once again as soon as the event finished and things came to an end, the hash tag ‘#8EyezOnTherooftop’ blew all over instagram.

Since this high volume of success 8Eyez has diversified to snapchat! Now supporters of the movement will never miss a thing, as you can come and join us in this amazing journey.

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