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Where It All Started…

  • July 12, 2016
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The 8Eyez promotional photo-shoot in collaboration with LUX Nation, we shut down Crossrail Place Roof! The shoot was set in an exquisite location; the sun was beaming onto our stunning models that showed off their amazing physique in the custom designed tracksuits by the CEO herself. The day the shoot took place, was a spiritual one; the team consisted of 8 people, we were based on 8th floor in an apartment complex and the date was the 8th of May. The shoot seemed as if it was bound to come together, like it was just meant to happen.

The overall vibes of the shoot were extremely positive, the music was loud, the food was lit and the sun was out! The perfect day to shoot!

The day was a complete success, as soon as the pictures were taken and the team parted ways, the photographer dived straight into editing the pictures. Less than 3 hours after the shoot we headed to Instagram and successfully ‘broke the Internet’, for the next 2 weeks the pictures were everywhere travelling from platform to platform. The only question that baffled the whole of the UK was ‘What is 8Eyez’ and ‘Where can we get a tracksuit?’ The shoot was strictly for promotional reasons, now imagine what the actual movement consists of? Exactly you might want to prepare yourself for 8/8/16…

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